Debblie Bliss Hooded Jacket help

I am making the Debbie Bliss hooded jacket from “simply baby” pg 103 and need some help.

I can knit up to the “Shape hood” section. I have 63 sts on a size 8 circular needle (working back and forth) and this is what the pattern reads:

Next row:(RS) K12, bind off next 39sts, k to end
Next row:k1,p11, cast on 66sts,p11,k1 (90sts)

If I work the first row, I will have 12 sts, a big gap and 12 sts on my needles. Then I will turn it and k1, p11, but then how do I cast on 66 sts? I don’t understand how to do that. Do I need another ball of yarn? Does this mean increase 66 sts in a row? Then, how do I continue on to p11, k1 after the cast on. I am trying to picture it and having alot of trouble.

Thanks for any advice.


You’ve got the right idea. You’ll bind off the center 39 and finish the row. Then when you purl back, you’ll be casting on 66 stitches and finishing the row. You can use either of the one-strand cast-on methods, knitted or cable. I wouldn’t use backward loop for that length of stitches.

Just continue using the yarn you’ve been working with. You’ll end up with an opening in the section of work for the face hole. The 39 bound-off under the chin, and the rest around the face.

Thanks. I looked at how to do the one-strand cast on and it makes much more sense!