Debbie New Web Site / Seminars?

[color=indigo]I cwas unable to Google my way to a web site for Debbie New, author if “Unexpected Knitting.” I read that she offers classes & seminars throughout the year in various places, and I am trying to get hold of that information. Any & all leads/links appreciated.


she usually teaches at “stitches” (east/west/?(the third?))

she also teaches at Schoolhouse knitting camp sometimes.

isn’t she great? i made the ouroborus sweater from Unexpected Knitting, and my DIL took a picture of her, holding my Grandson, wearing the sweater… (picture on my blog, “2 degrees of seperation” entry.)

you can also head up to Kitchener Ontario, i understand she is a member of a knitting guild there, and often attends meetings.

(in my photogallery, (link on blog) i have a picture of a small purse i made from UK, too (in knitting album) )

i have also done celular automaton knitting, but not her patterns…

[color=indigo]Thanks for the DN info. I looked at your photo blog. WOW! You have made some beautiful garments. I read about Debbie New’s “automaton knitting”, but there was not enuf info in the article for me to understand it well. Is this discussed in her book, “Unexpected Knitting”?

I looked at her recent museum exposition and was AMAZED, to put it mildly. I would like to take a class/seminar with her, even though I am, at best, an intermediate level knitter. I am sure I would learn a great deal, if only at the conceptual level. I have a strong math and biological science background, so . . . .



well celular automaton is good for intermediate knitters.

there are sevearal ways to exicute.
you can do it fair isle (2 colors per row, color changes at intervals) or you can do it as knits and purls, and create texural designs.
(you can do it a slip stitch patterns too!

i think anyone who is open to learning, can learn something from Debbie New!

(thank you for kind praise. its bound to happen, if you knit long enough, eventually you end up knitting well, and then add a clever design, and stumble onto beautiful)