Debbie Mumm from Joann's

I have had some of this for a while, and just began knitting with it last night. Welllll. . .the color variation knits up beautifully, but this outer-core separating and bunching from the inner-core that other people have mentioned?-- what a disappointment! I’m a very loose knitter and still had a big problem with it. If you stretch out the yarn every few yards, it’s useable, but still very difficult to work with, and I won’t buy it again. Be forewarned!

ok! thank you! i was just about to buy some of that.

Bummer. The variegated yarns she has are so pretty! FWIW Lion Brand Homespun does the exact same thing.:noway:
Thanks for the heads up.

Oh dear. Everyone on Ravelry hates it too. :shrug: I was going to get some to experiment with cuz it looks so purdy but I have so many doubts now. :think:

Oh, much, much worse than Homespun! I know what you mean about HS, but it’s nothing compared to the Traditions. To any of you who have used HS, you know what we’re talking about-- it can bunch a little bit as you work with it. But this stuff? It’s as if there’s a sleeve of yarn around a core, and constantly separated and squooshing up (to use a technical term:) ) around that core, almost with every stitch. It’s a little hard to describe, but once I started knitting with it, I knew exactly what others have been talking about. And it’s such a shame, because it’s so soft, which is what the sort of similar Noro is lacking. Can’t somebody figure out how to do both?:waah:

Oh my! You didn’t see my thread in Whatcha Knitting, did you??
I had the same darn problem with this yarn! HERE IS THE LINK to my project in Whatcha Knitting called “Kira’s Capelet”! Read all about my misery with this yarn, and what I did about it! Sorry to hear that you are having the same problems. It is such a disappointment because, on the surface, it is such a pretty yarn. And not exactly cheap, either!

Weirdly spun yarn! Thanks for the warning folks. I’m off to the U.S. to JoAnn’s in the next couple of weeks, and I’d have bought some of that yarn for my blanket project. I can see that it would be difficult to work with! samm
p.s. artlady that capelet is gorgeous!

PS: To all knitters: not only does this yarn do weird things, it is almost impossible to knit with. It really slows ya down when you have to stop every 4 or 5 stitches to smooth down the bunching!

Yikes, that does sound worse than Homespun. At least HS is workable if you knit at a large gauge, this doesn’t sound like it is.

I think your capelet is dangerous-- it came out so well no one will believe that you had so much trouble with Traditions:) . But seriously-- glad to hear I’m not the only one with this issue. And your photos of the yarn are exactly what happens, and as you said, imagine that happening every few stitches. How they let this get on the market is a complete mystery! But what beautiful job you did on the capelet! :yay:

I have had the same problems and I HATE this yarn! It is such a shame because it is very pretty. I posted a similiar thread a while back! Buyer beware!

Yes, this yarn is sooooo disappointing. Before this yarn, my most hated yarn was Lion Brand Homespun. Not because it isn’t beautiful and lovely to feel and good in price and great to knit…but because the garment ssssttttrrrreeeeettttcccchhhheeeeesssss out so badly after the fact…and after you wash ‘n’ dry it a few time…it pills up like it has the “chicken pops”! :eyes: