Debbie Bliss vs Manos Del Uruguay

i’ve been wanting to knit up my so called scarf. it calls for the multicolored manos del uruguay but, at the moment, that yarn is out of my budget.
i noticed debbie bliss soho has a similar look to it (thick and thin and multicolored). i was wondering if it would make an equal substitute.

any ideas or stories of your experiences with either yarn would be appreciated! :waving:

As long as you get the same gauge, you can use any yarn, but Debbie Bliss is a good sub.

From touching Soho, they are VERY similar. And webs has it for 2.99 a ball at right now, so you can get 2 balls (equiv to manos) for 1/2 the price of manos!

I have knit with Soho before. Soft and yummy! and at 2.99 a skein, oh my!!! I say go for it :thumbsup: