Debbie Bliss Side Tied Coat

Hello all!

I feel bad asking for help when I have nothing to offer in return but would very much appreciate some advice.

I have been knitting the above coat from the Simply Soft book for my mother for Christmas and I’m stuck in the collar/shoulder area. The pattern reads as follows:

[B]Shape collar[/B]
Next 2 rows - K3, p14, turn, Slip 1, k to end.
Work 6 rows straight across all stitches.
Repeat last 8 rows until work measures the same as Back to Shoulder, ending at armhole edge.

That bit I can cope with - it’s what’s coming next that has me stumped!

[B]Shape shoulder[/B]
Cast off 10 sts at beg of next row and 11 sts at beg of foll alt row. 30 sts.
Cont to work turning rows to shape collar as before and work on these sts only until inside edge of collar fits halfway across back neck. Cast off.

My problem lies with what to do with the stitches left on the needle that are not part of the ‘turning’ pattern. The pattern says to work on these stitches only, so what happens to the other 13 stitches? I don’t understand why it doesn’t say to cast them off if I shouldn’t be doing anything with them…

Hope someone can help. Thanks so much in advance.

I can’t really help you with your question but wanted to say don’t ever feel bad for asking a question that is what KH is here for!! :hug:

After you do that does it have you to do something with the other stitches? Most of the time with patterns like this I just trust the pattern…usually once I’m actully doing it while reading the pattern it all makes sense…:thumbsup:

Thanks for your reply - it’s very much appreciated!

That’s the thing… there’s nothing else to the pattern except making up. I finished the left front some time ago and hoped it would suddenly make sense to me when I came to the same point in the right front but no such luck!

Thanks anyway.

I’m kind of picturing that you have 13 stitches on each side? I think you work them by themselves until each side matches up at the center of the back. If that’s the case, the directions should tell you how to join them end to end and then how to join them to the body of the sweater.

If that’s not the case, can you tell me what you have on your needles now, more specifically?

And don’t ever feel bad about asking a question. That’s what this place is all about!:hug: