Debbie Bliss Sheep Boots in the round

Hi, I am knitting the Debbie Bliss “Sheep Boots”, but translated it from knitting flat, into knitting in the round. I’m stuck on how to knit the last part, the soles. Her instruction is to knit (garter stitch) 13 rows. I have 77 stitches on the needle so I assume I should do some decreases until I reach the last 4 stitches and stitch them together. Does this sound right? How do I calculate the number and spacing of the decreases?
Please help?

Welcome to KH!
Are these knit flat from the cuff down to the soles and then seamed along the sole and up the back of the bootie?
Are the soles worked across all the sts or does the pattern knit 13rows on a set of sts, say from the heel end only. That way the 13rows would have to be seamed to the sides and toes?

Maybe this pattern?

Hi salmonmac,
Yes, that’s the pattern. And yes Ms. Bliss’ instructions were to knit flat from the cuff to the soles and then seam them along the sole and up the back of the bootie.
However, I altered the instructions to knit in the round, so there will be no seaming. So far I have the cuff down to the where the sole will begin. I would prefer not to have to seam the sole either. Any suggestions? My thought is that I would work this with evenly spaced decreases for the 13 remaining rows…

Yes, you can do that. It’s similar to the decreases for the top of a hat but you’ll have to decrease more frequently and on every row because you want an essentially flat sole.
This is all an experiment so I think you’re just going to have to try out the spacing of the decreases. Maybe try every other or every two stitches for the first row.
It may help to use a lifeline and make good notes so you can repeat on the second bootie.

Ah yes, the lifeline! That has saved me many times, and I’m ready to go for it on the soles.
By the way, sharing with others who may be interested in the Sheep Boots pattern, it is not booties for a newborn baby. They look more like they would fit a 6-month old. But it was a fun project!
Thank you salmonmac!