Debbie Bliss Shawl Collar Jacket

I just finished knitting this and need to finish sew the collar in place. However, I just can’t see how it works. Can anyone help me?

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We’ll all be happy to try. Can you give us a link to the pattern or pattern name?
Is the shawl collar knit in ribbing? from the bottom of the sweater, around the neck and down to the other lower edge?

I am having problems with knitting the collar. I knitted it and it came out off centered. I’m not sure what to do after “cont to work…”

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Did you pick up the number of sts given for your size? If not you’ll have to adjust the placement of the collar by taking the difference in stitch number into account.
Which size are you making?

For the “continue to work…”, add 4 more stitches on each row before turning.

I tried this out on a swatch. It looks like Row 3 should be centered. So if you make sure that the middle stitch of the 13(17;21) sits over the center back, the collar should be symmetrical.

I’m making the smallest size. I’ll try centering it. It seems like that will do the trick. I looked for errata for this pattern. It I couldn’t find it so I assumed I did something wrong. So after row 6 I continue to increase by 4 on each side?

Yes, that’s it exactly. Enjoy finishing up. We’d love to see a photo!