Debbie Bliss Pattern: Smock Coat

I am a self taught knitter, and am currently working on a smock coat from the Debbie Bliss “Simply Baby” book, and the pattern has been K1 P1 through out the pattern.
When binding off as instructed to do, what is the best bind off? I’m a little confused on what bind off method to use seeing that it is K1, P1 through out. I’m currently working on the armhole area at this time.
If anyone has done this pattern (on page 81 of the book) or can tell me if it matters whether I purl bind off or knit bind off I would appreciate it.

You would generally bind off in the same stitch pattern. The bindoff is like any other row except you pass the sts over each other instead of leaving them on the right needle. So k1,p1, pass the first st over, k1, pass over, p1, pass over, etc.

Thank you. It makes sense! I just couldn’t see that in my mind. :slight_smile: