Debbie Bliss pattern help

Pattern is for her Moss Stitch and Cable top found in her book “Bella”.
I have completed rows1-14…now instructions say:
"7th to 14 th rows [B]only[/B] form the 8 row cable panel with moss st and are repeated.
Work a further 6 rows"
What rows do I work? Do I repeat rows 7-14 six (6) times?

From now on [I]only[/I] work rows 7 through 14. The next step is to work the first 6 rows of these, so 7 through 12. After that there probably is a next step, such as an increase or decrease. When you work that next row, you’ll be at row 13 of the cable pattern.

Thank you! So, I knit rows 7-12 one more time and then the next is a decrease row…which is followed by " Work a further 19 rows". I think I am having trouble understanding that term!! Do I repeat the decrease row 19 times? There are 5 decrease rows in this pattern.

On row 13 of the cable pattern, work the first decrease. Then you work 19 more rows total, so it would be row 14, and then rows 7-14 twice more, and rows 7 and 8 – you’ve completed all 19 rows. Then work the next decrease if this is where it falls.

I find it helpful to make a chart to keep track. In a column write the rows 7-14 over and over, and then mark which rows need to be decreased.

I believe you have helped me “get it”! Stay close by your computer 'cause I’ll be calling on you again! Thank you so very much!

Glad to help!