Debbie Bliss pattern help please?

I’m knitting a Debbie Bliss baby hooded sweater (it’s in a few of her books) and I’m 99% there. Trouble is I’m stuck with the hood. I’ve followed the instructions and can’t work out how on earth to sew it together to make it a sensible hood. I know it should be obvious so I’m not sure if I’ve done something mega wrong. Has anyone else knitted this hooded sweater? Do they have any advice?


I have a Debbie Bliss book with a hooded sweater in it but I don’t know if it’s the same type.

Do the finishing directions say “Fold cast-off edge of hood in half and join seam. Sew cast-on sts of hood to bound-off edge of back neck?”

If it does, you just bring the edges you bound off for the hood together and sew them so they’ll be a seam across the top of the head. Then sew the back of the neck stitches together with the bottom of the hood stitches at the neck.

thanks - it’s the right pattern. i’ve just worked it out. once you have finished the main body of the sweater you have two front parts left on stitch holders, which the pattern says to knit across, cast on, then knit across the rest (forming the hood). by doing this i’ve basically made the hood in reverse! i think the pattern is misleading as the only way to get the hood the right way round is to actually pearl across, then cast on, then pearl again. guess i’ll have to undo and start again!


You can knit across if you have the right side facing you.