Debbie bliss pattern confusion

I’m my knitting second sweater and I wanted to know what the schematic view and approach is in the following instruction:

Next 2 rows: Rib to last 65 sts, turn.
Nest 2 rows: Rib to last 59 sts, Turn

Why and how should I turn. What about the rest of the 15 stitches after the 65 sts… Incase you are wondering, the sweater is called “Baby Reefer Jacket”. Thank you for the help, I really appreciate it.

Sounds like short rows to me. You do exactly what it says. Knit the stitches then turn your work and knit back - you leave those unworked stitches on the needles. At some point you will go back and work them all.

The pattern says to work the rest of the stitches after working on the ribs for a while…thank you for your help.