Debbie Bliss Lacy Scarf Pattern

I’m ready to bind off my scarf that I started about a year ago! (worked on it during a Christmas vacation, and just now finishing it!) I can’t find my Debbie Bliss Magazine that it came from. It must have been the 2008 magazine. I wrote down the repeat pattern on a notecard, and that’s it. Does anyone have this magazine and could tell me how to bind off?
I think it’s referred to in the magazine as a lacy scarf. If I can’t figure it out, I guess I bind off “Pattern”?

How did you start it? If you did a few rows of garter stitch before the lace pattern, do that, then bind off in knit. Or bind of on the WS if there is no garter stitch.

Thank you! There were no garter stitch prior to the pattern, so I guess I’ll just bind off on WS. It looks like I just started with the pattern, but not 100% sure

Found my magazine!! Yeah. Here’s what it says “…leave approx. 53 inches of 2nd ball of yarn to work the bind off row. Bind off.”

That’s it! at least I didn’t have anything “special” to know, but it didn’t tell a beginning knitter much. Just bind off. Interesting.