Debbie Bliss knitting pattern question

I’m making my first sweater and am a bit confused about one of the directions. I’m on the back and working it from the bottom up. The picture shows it tapering as it goes up, here is the direction that I’m confused on:

Knit in St st for 18 rows
Dec row K7, skpo, k to last 9 sts, k2tog, k7
Work 19 rows
Rep the last 20 rows twic more and the dec row once again.

My confusion is on the work 19 rows. Do I do each of the 19 rows with the dec row or continue for 19 rows with the St st and no decrease???

Thank you for any help :slight_smile:

No, you only do the dec row once every 20 rows. So do the dec row, knit plain stockinette for 19 rows, then repeat the dec, knit 19 rows.

Thank you so much. I’m getting ready to start this part so I’m excited to get going! I may have more questions as I get near the hood!