Debbie Bliss-hood problem please help

I have attempted to make the Hooded Striped Top from Debbie bliss baby cashmerino book. I thought I have made it correctly but I can not figure out how to do the hood. I believe that I did it correctly by knitting across 15 stitches then casting on 43 stitches then knitting 15 stitches. I continued for 8 3/4 inches. Where I am lost is the next step of Join top hood seam… I can not figure out where I am joining… Please help my first grandson is coming February 3rd! Here is a picture of what I have knitted so far. THANK YOU for your help!

Welcome to Knittinghelp!
You made a lovely version of this sweater.

The problem may be that you started out knitting the 15sts from the left shoulder (left as you would wear the pullover)working toward the neck, cast on and then knit the 15sts from the right V-neck edge to the shoulder.
You should start knitting 15sts at the right shoulder V-neck edge, cast on, then knit sts from the left shoulder finishing at the neck edge. That way, the cast on sts will be seamed to the back of neck and the live sts on the needle can be divided in half for 3-needle bind off at the top of the head.
See also this link for errata for this pattern:

Thank you for your help… I will take it aprt and try in reverse frim what I did. But then you said 3 need bind off… Now you have totaly lost me. It does not say that anyway, could you explain.

Yes, sadly, it looks like you’ll have to re-knit the hood part.

You can do the seam at the top of the hood any way you would like and the pattern may recommend a method. I’ve used 3-needle bind off on hoods similar to this one and it’s gives a very neat, strong join.

That is perfect! Thank you so much almost finished and it turly came out perfect! I could not have done it without your help.:cheering: