Debbie bliss glove pattern advice

I am making the lacy mittens and I have 52 stitches on the needle. The instructions say remove the last k1 at end of row.54 sts.
I have not seen this instruction before and don’t know how to remove a stitch to increase the number of stitches by two. Advice gratefully recieved

Can you type out that row exactly as written? You may not be interpreting the term correctly.

10th row : purl to end
11th row: remove the last k1 at the end of row.54 stitches
12th row: P to end.
13th row: K2,yf,skpo(k2,yf,skpo,yf,skpo)twice,k2,yf,skpo,k1,m1,k12,m1,k2,yf,skpo,(k2,yf,skpo,yf,skpo)twice,k2,yf,skpo,k1.56st
14th row: P to end
15th row: Remove the last k1 at end of row. 58 sts

and so on

That’s very weird. Is row 9 the same as 13? Maybe it just means to not do the knit 1, not decrease it, but that doesn’t account for adding 2 more stitches. I can’t see where you add 2 sts on row 13 either, the YOs and decs balance out. I found the errata that addresses these rows - 11 and 15 are printed wrong.

Thank you so much - i can now carry on. New to knitting and did not realize these websites existed so very grateful x