Debbie Bliss garter stitch jacket

I am new here but I already see a bit of a theme!
I am trying this for my new prem grandaughters, got on fine until the last few rows! After doing the detailed 3 decreasing rows I am now at a loss as to ‘…cont in this way…’ bit. Surely the rows need specified numbers of stitches (as previously written), but these will change after each decrease. I thought I had worked it out by decreasing one less , twice, at either then dec 1 in the middle. But that will change each time, and then doesnt work for the final bit of decreasing.
Why isnt the pattern specific!?
Please could anybody help? I was hoping to be able to knit a few of these up quite quickly, but have been stuck for days now.

I think if you look at the previous decreasing rows which have been written out in full there will be a “pattern” to the number of knit stitches in each section
eyween each of the decreases .
I can only see a tiny part of the previous decrease instruction which shows the last part of the row as k17.
As the " next row" starts and ends with k16 I’m wondering if this is how you can see where the 8 stitches are spread across those decrease rows?

For example
109 stitches
K15, k2tog k2 skpo
K15 k2tog k2 skpo
K25 k2tog k2 skpo
K15 k2tog k2 skpo

101 stitches

It might help if we could see the previous rows.

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Congratulations on the new granddaughters. That’s the best kind of news.
This is going to work out more easily if you use markers at each increase. Place markers either side of the k2 (8 markers total). Then you don’t have to think about stitch number just decrease 2sts before a marker, k2 and then dec after the marker.
If you don’t have markers you can make small circles with contrasting yarn and use them.

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The new picture shows all the text. I agree that there is a pattern but it is an inconsistent pattern and until you have thought it all out, you don’t know which bits may be inconsistent! My husband (who has a degree in maths and sciences!) and I have just taken AGES, on top of how long I spent last night, working it out. I will write it out here incase anybody else has anything to add, but I do wonder how a pattern can be published several times and the question of it being incomplete not be raised!
I labelled the first 3 rows printed A,B and C. This is how I think it must continue:
D. K15, (k2 tog,k2, skpo) - from here on I will just put (dec 2), k16, (dec2), k23,(dec 2), k16, (dec2), k15 =101sts
E. K14, (dec2), k15, (dec2), k19, (dec2), k15, (dec2), k14 =93sts
F. K13,(dec2), k14 (dec2), k15, (dec2), k14, (dec2), k13 =85sts
G. K11,(dec2), k12, (dec2), k15,(dec2), k12, (dec2), k11 =77sts
H. K10, (dec2), k11, (dec2), k11, (dec2), k11,(dec2), k10 = 61sts.
There k rows in between as per pattern, and these rows are for the rirst size only (my new granddaughters are very tiny!). I have knitted the above rows and they work. Hurrah!

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I’m really glad you have found a solution that works for you. That’s great!

I would have done it differently as, to me, the knit sections reduce in each row as:
Minus 1, minus 2, minus 2, minus 2, minus 1
Making 8 decreases each time. Decreasing the knit sections by 1 at either end but by 2 in the centre 3 parts.

A k18, k21, k31, k21, k18
B k17, k19, k29, k19, k17
C k16, k17, k27, k17, k16
D k15, k15, k25, k15, k15
E k14, k13, k23, k13, k14
F k13, k11, k21, k11, k13
G k12, k9, k19, k9, k12
H k11, k7, k17, k7, k11

To me this is the numerical pattern created in the knitting pattern.
I’m posting this just out of interest really because I don’t think it would make a big difference to your project, the stitches have been decreased evenly across the jacket and that is the important part.
Equally there may be a reason why you chose to do the decreases the way you did based on the real life jacket in your hands which could be also giving you clues as to where the right places for decreases would be where as I’m just looking at numbers. The real knitting is what counts at the end of the day and it sounds like that is going well so thatbis brilliant news.

I hope you’re able to post a photo of the finished jackets.

And by the way, congratulations :partying_face:

Thankyou for your reply, and I will write your version on the pattern too for future use. The fact that for a long time the only pictures of the jacket I could find showed very little of the shape of the jacket at all, other than it has big turned back cuffs, in fact images I had, made me think the jacket had a collar, making it even more difficult to decipher the shaping. Thank you again for your help.

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