Debbie Bliss Family Knits

I must have done something right.

Today, I was looking for diet books at my local discount book store.

While I was there, I wandered over to the craft books section.

There it was…just waiting for me. cloud9

Debbie Bliss Family Knits…


What a bargain…I have that book its lovely.


I have that book, it’s great! :cheering:

What a steal!

I’m SO excited about finding it. It usually costs 30 dollars, so my mouth fell open when I saw the price tag. It’s BRAND NEW!!

What a blessing. :slight_smile:

That is so cool! I know nothing about Debbie Bliss, but I love a bargain. :happydance:

Fantastic! I have some great books I have found at second hand stores, so I always wander over to the craft department too. Feels wonderful doesn’t it?