Debbie Bliss Entrelac Blanket help


I’m struggling with starting the entrelac portion of the blanket and would welcome any help as I have started over a number of times and am very frustrated (and running out of time as my great nephew will be here next month!) I have never attempted a pattern of this type and hope I am not over my head.

The blanket pattern comes from Debbie Bliss Eco Baby Prints. My struggle begins with the first triangle, I can not seem to get started with the turn portion. Could anyone provide a video?

Thanks for any help!


I used these videos when I learned entrelac and found them very helpful. There are four videos in the series, the others will show to the right side of the utube screen.
Good luck with your project :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you so much for your response and for sharing the videos. I have actually watched these and understand the entrelac process (I think), but perhaps I should be more clear on my problem.

The pattern calls for starting the first triangle with K10, turn, P2, turn for the 1st and 2nd rows …and then the entrelac with K3, turn, P3 turn and so on for the triangle. Every time I work this across the 12 triangles on the bottom row I come up with 2 extra stitches at the end (which I feel will throw the entire pattern off)…so I start over with the same results each time.

I am looking for help with this very first part…

Again, thanks so much


Could it be possible that the pattern should only have:
K10, turn, p2, turn for only the first row of the first triangle?



Welcome to KnittingHelp!
A couple of questions and suggestions:
How many sts are cast on?
I think it would help if you could post a photo of what you have so far.
Also, if you could quote a row or two of the directions that are confusing, that would help us. Don’t post a large part of the pattern as that would cause copyright problems.


Thanks so much…I was afraid to post very much of the pattern for that very reason. I have ripped out what I have repeatedly done, so nothing to show, but let’s see if I can better explain my problem:

The first portion of the pattern is the border and then a decrease row. I am good with all that.

To begin the pattern over 136 stitches as follows:
First row of triangles:
First triangle:
1st and 2nd rows: K10, turn, P2, turn
3rd and 4th rows: K3, turn, P3, turn
continues by adding one through the 17th row which is K10, do not turn

This pattern continues for 12 triangles and finishes with K8 for the edge.

The first two rows of the first triangle don’t make sense unless I am just doing something wrong?

Seriously appreciate your help!


The pattern also begins with an 8-stitch border . Then there are 10 triangles and another 8-stitch border (8+120+8)

Did you begin the first row with the k10 which includes the 8stitch border? In other words, knit the 8 stitch border, then knit 2 sts for the first triangle. All the following triangles will begin with k2. You won’t repeat the extra 8sts for the remaining base tirangles.
So the beginning row could be written as:
1st and 2nd rows: K8 border sts, k2, turn, P2, turn
3rd and 4th rows: K3, turn, P3, turn

Mark off the first row in groups of 10 with the 8 stitch borders on each end to make sure you can stay on track with these triangles.

Your earlier post about the extra sts on the first row of the first triangle shows that you were on the right track in figuring out the problem!