Debbie Bliss "Easy Knits" Baby Crossover Top Help

This site is awesome! I’m hoping someone somewhere can help explain some stuff to me (all my co-knitters live on the east coast, and it is WAY too hard to explain problems over the phone).

My problem is a two-parter:

The left front of this sweater starts

With 3mm needles cast on 78 sts.
K 9 rows.
Change to 3 1/4mm needles.
Next Row: K to end.
Next Row: K5, p to end.
Rep last 2 rows 3 times more and the first row again.

Shape Neck

Next 2 rows K1, sl 1, turn, sl 1, k1.
Next 2 rows K2, sl 1, turn, sl 1, k2.
Next 2 rows K3, sl 1, turn, sl 1, k3.
Next 2 rows K2, sl 1, turn, sl 1, k2.
Next 2 rows K1, sl 1, turn, sl 1, k1.

Problem #1: I’m not exactly sure, but I think the above instruction for neck shaping is trying to create an angle? I think it’s making the edge pivot towards the neck? When I followed these instructions to shape the neck, I ended up with at least three holes in this new “corner”.

One of the things I think I did wrong was that I “slipped as if to knit”. Should I have “slipped as if to purl”?

Also, I’ve since read about “wrapping stitches”…even though the pattern doesn’t specify to do this, maybe I should do it anyways? The problem is, everything I could find about short rows and wrapping stitches doesn’t seem to apply to this pattern. They want me to "sl 1, wrap, then return the slip stitch back onto the left needle, then turn. This seems like a drastic change from the pattern instructions…Any suggestions?

Problem 2: I had to rip out my stitches to one or two rows before these short rows, and I’m really having a hard time now figuring out exactly what row I’m on. I’d love to find something online or in a book that I could refer to that gave a clear picture of how to count rows…like a picture of a stockinette swatch with the rows pointed out on it. This pattern is a combination of stockinette stitch and garter stitch, and I get all bleary-eyed trying to count the rows. I think I understand about counting the “v’s”, but where they meet the garter stitch throws me for a loop (no pun intended :thinking: )

Anyhoo, suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Sue M.

To count garter, each bump is a row and each space is a row.

When I count stockinette, I use a needle point and put it in the hole in each v to help me keep track; and when you get to the garter, the first row of purls would be a row and the space between the purls is a row. I don’t know of any site that has pictures, though.

You are doing the shaping of the neck with short rows, and you should slip as if to purl–that will create less of a hole. I don’t think wrapping will work with this.

Thank you, Ingrid! I’ll give that a try and let you know how it goes!