Debbie Bliss Donegal Tweed pattern help!

Hello! I am knitting the absolutely lovely Kilcar from Debbie Bliss’ Donegal Tweed pattern book, and am having a horrible time getting the front sections correct, so here I am to seek ideas!

A little info: There’s a repeating pattern of 10 rows, with Pattern A for the smaller size and Pattern B for the larger size. Now the trouble – after you knit two rows, the info for the left front says to then:

“Beg as pattern A for first size or as pattern B for 2nd size and ending as pattern B for both sizes, work 80 rows.”

OK. What does this mean?? Does this mean do the first 70 rows as pattern A, and the last 10 as pattern B? Or does it mean do the first section of stitches in pattern A, and then finish each ROW in pattern B? it is utterly confusing. I have tried about every combination i can think of, and I simply cannot make it work – I knitted 40 rows last night and it looked awful! If anyone can give any insight or suggestions, I would be very grateful. I have tried contacting Debbie Bliss directly as nothing is listed on their Web site’s pattern correction page, but they do not list an e-mail contact address, if you can imagine that!

Thanks again;


PS if it would be helpful to know the pattern repeats, please PM me – I just didn’t want to post half the pattern for all to see! :slight_smile:

It sounds like on the smaller size you start with pattern A and work ABABAB (however many repeats, as long as you end with B.) For the larger size you would work BABABAB. Does that make sense?

When I say ABABAB, I mean across the row, working 80 rows total.

Thanks for answering! I tried the ABAB combo, both by row and by pattern repeat, and it didn’t look anything like the pattern after a few dozen rows.

I think it must be combining the stitches from each pattern in each row, but I can’t figure out how to get it to add up. there are 42 stitches per row, and no combo of the pattern repeats adds up to 42 stitches in any way that makes sense. I’m considering adding a few stitches to each side so it makes sense!

It’s such a fast, wonderful knit; if I can’t figure this out, I’m going to be really disappointed. I did the back and both sleeves in just 4 days!

Thanks for your suggestion; if anything works out, I’ll definitely post it here for others if they decide to make it. and if anyone else has any ideas, I’d love to hear them!



If you’d like to PM me the pattern, I’d be happy to take a look at it.

I read the above cry for help and wonder if you ever finished this sweater? I have been working on it since before Christmas and I have the same issue! The left and right front when the decrease begins is utterly confusing. I cannot trust the pattern, because I have worked it and it does not look correct at all! Has anyone else had any luck?

I haven’t made this, just looked in on the thread because I wanted to look at the pattern. Since there wasn’t a link, I googled it and found a section on revisions. Here’s a page with some clarification re Kilcar:

Hope it helps!