Debbie Bliss Cabled Jacket.. help!


Am in the middle of creating this jacket

Just completing left front and it says “collar cont in patt until collar reaches centre back neck”

Am lost… the back was 208 rows, the left front is now at 209…what does until collar reaches centre back neck mean???

Thank you x

After you bind off for the left shoulder, the front portion which forms the band is going to continue until it’s long enough to reach across half the width of the back. What I’ve done is work the collar to approximately the correct length, then leave it on a holder with yarn attached. Do the same with the collar on the right front. Once the shoulders are joined, you’ll have a better idea of where the collar pieces should be joined or grafted.
See the second photo here where you can see the collar extensions joined.

Ahhh I see, makes sense now!

Thank you was making my head hurt :smile:

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