Debbie bliss cable knit hoodie

I’m having trouble with the hood shaping part, I have bound off stitches on the one side and then it says to rejoin the wool to remaining stitches. Should i not have cut off the wool when i bound off ?

Where did you BO the stitches - on the fronts or the back? Did it say to leave the stitches on the back on holders? That’s where you would join the yarn again.

The fact that the instructions say to [I]rejoin[/I] the yarn makes it seem like you were right to cut the working yarn. What are the next directions once you rejoin to the remaining sts?

I knit 42 sts then turned it and knit on these stitches gradually binding off 6 stitches every other row. then bound off the remaining 12. It said bind off rem 12 sts. I broke the yarn, should I have left it connected?
I still have 42 stitches on the needle that I have not worked. It says " with right sides together rejoin yarn to rem sts.

I then am supposed to work the remaining stitches in the pattern to the end. Complete to match first side.

That sounds like you’re on the front, not the hood. Unless the hood is made in 2 sections. It’s okay to post a few lines of the pattern, so maybe some of the rows where you are now for the hood shaping, then we can maybe figure it out with you.

Join shoulder seams
With right side facing k across 10 sts on right front neck holder, cast on 64 sts, k across 10 sts on left front neck holder. 84 sts.
Next row P3k2p2 rep from * to last 5 sts k2p3
Next row k3
p2k2 rep from * to last 5 sts p2 k3
Rep last 2 rows until hood measures 221 cm ending with wrong side row.
Shape top
Next row Patt 42sts, turn and work on these sts.
Bind off 6 sts at beg of next and 4 foll alt rows.
Work 1 row
Bind off rem 12 sts.( This is where I am)
With right side facing, rejoin yarn to rem sts, bind off 6, patt to end.
Complete to match first side.

Okay, so you’ve got the hood halfway done. The pattern says to BO those stitches, then with another end of yarn go back to the other half of the stitches and do the shaping on that half and BO the stitches. What I would do however (because you have to seam those sts and I don’t wanna) is to leave the 12 sts live on both sides and use a 3 Needle BO on the inside of the hood. It makes a nice seam. There’s a video for that here.

Thanks I will just start with the new yarn and work the pattern it makes no sense to have it joined at that point.

The two peices are shaped separately though other patterns do it in one piece by decreasing in the middle of the row. So just follow the pattern and it’ll come out right.