Debbie Bliss Cable and Teddy Bear Jacket

I do not understand what it means when it says after Row 82 on the
back of the jacket "The last 4 rows set the position of the charts and cables, cont in patt, working cables on every 6th row.
What does cont in patt mean - which rows do a knit for the remainder.

The 4 rows tell you where to place the charts and the cable stitches. You should follow the charts row by row in the same position in the row as you have set up in rows 1-4. For the cables, continue with the set up in rows 1-4 and cross the cable on the 6th rows.

But I will not be doing a Teddy Bear in this section if I follow
Rows 1-4. I also do not understand cross on row 6. I apologize
for not understanding this, I know the stitches but reading this
pattern is difficult. Thank you for your help.

The second question is easier to answer than the first. When you make a cable the cable itself is usually knit stitches. The background is oftern purl sts. You may purl several sts, knit say, 4sts and then purl several sts. You would do this for 5 rows and then on the 6th row, when you come to the knit sts, transfer 2sts to a cable needle and hold in front or in back of the work, knit the nest 2sts and then knit the sts from the cable needle. It’s this cross that is every 6th row.
I don’t know what the charts are but the previous 4 rows must have set up their placement. Row 82 is just asking you to continue that placement.
is there a link to the pattern that you can provide?

I also notice a correction on this pattern which may help:
Page 28
Add a small dot in the second square against: P on right side, k on wrong side.
Page 30
On the 56th row, the phrase: “working Cr6B and Cr6F on first 2 cables, patt as set,” should be removed.
The last paragraph of the Back should read:
[U]The last 4 rows set the position of the charts and cables, cont in patt, working cables on every 6th row for a further 7(19) rows. Cast off in patt.[/U]

I only know that this is a Debbie Bliss pattern in Baby Cashmerino,
Cable and Teddy Bear Jacket in size 18 months. I wish there was a way I could attach a copy of the pattern so that you might be able
to read what it says. I just assume this is a pattern that is tooooo
difficult for me. Thank you for your help

You can type out and post a few rows of the part you don’t understand and we can help you with it that way.

Take a look at the Ravelry page (free to join) for finished projects in this pattern and see if the pictures are any help. Some of them show the back of the sweater and may answer part of your question.

Ladies - Thank you for your interest and help.

Row 79
(K1, Tp, k1), (1 time), k1, p6, (k2, Tp) twice, k2, p4, k2, Tp, K2, work across 13 sts of 1st row of Chart 2), k2, Tp, k2, 06, k2, Tp, k2, (p6, k2) twice, Tp, k2, work 3rd row of Chart 2, k1, (k1, Tp, k1) 1 time.

Row 80
(P1, Tk, P1), (1) time, p1, work 4th row of Chart 2, p2, Tk, p2, Cr6B, p2, Cr6F, Tk, p2, k6, p2, Tk, p2, work 2nd row of Chart 2, p2, Tk, p1, k4, (p2, Tk) twice, p2, k6, p1, (p1, Tk, p1) (1) time.

Row 81 – Same as 79th row, working 3rd and 5th chart rows as set.

Row 82
(P1, Tk, P1), (1) time, p1, work 6th row of Chart 2, p2, Tk, p2, (k6, p2) twice, Tk, p2, Cr6B, p2, Tk, p2, work 4th row Chart 2, p2, Tk,
p2, C4B, (p2, Tk) twice, p2, Cr6F, p1, (p1, Tk, p1) (1) time.

The last 4 rows set the position of the charts and the cables, cont in patt, working cables on every 6th row, for a further 7 (19) rows.
cast off in patt.

The problem for me is that Row 82 does not cross the cable in the
middle of the back sweater (I may be missing something here).
I now understand about cont in pattern (working rows 1-4), but
I am still confused about what I do for the area where there is no Teddy Bear, (where am I following the pattern) and I then just
forget about Chart 1.

As you can see, I really do not read difficult patterns well. Thank
you again for your help.

Well, this pattern may not be written in the most straightforward way either. Basically you’re going to repeat rows 79, 80, 79, 82 for the areas outside the chart. The cable crosses don’t occur on every odd numbered row. They occur every 6th row, so you’ll have to keep track of them separately with a row counter or paper and pencil). For me, the pictures of the project help keep me on track with the pattern when I think I may be going wrong, but that may not work for you.

I went to Ravelry and I see that a few people had problems with the pattern, but I am sure not as I am having. So, what you are saying is that the cables cross another six rows after Row 82 or after I do 79, 80, again??
Or, are you saying when I get to the part (on the left side, no Teddy Bear) I
repeat the area of 79, 80, 81 and 82 in that particular spot? Thanks. Again,
I think I took on tooooooo much.

The cables cross on row 80 first time through and so the next time you repeat the rows, cross on row 82 (so you would do 79,80 cable cross,81,82,79,80,81,82 cable cross,79,80,81,82,79,80 cable cross, etc). It may help to think of this as acable pattern sweater that is interrupted every so many rows by the bear chart.

So, then I do not have to work in pattern with rows 1-4???

“The last 4 rows set the position of the charts and the cables, cont in patt, working cables on every 6th row, for a further 7 (19) rows.”

When they say “The last 4 rows…”, they’re referring to rows79-82, the 4 rows immediately preceding this direction.

Thank you for all your help. Tonight I will begin this section again, as I had to take out about 12 rows of knitting, what a job. I will try it again and see if I can get through this area, but the front looks confusing also. Thank you again for your help and your patience.

I think that once you get throught the back, the front pattern won’t be a problem. Keep notes if necessary about what you are doing because the front will be quite similar, I’m sure. Come back if things don’t work out.

Well, I worked Rows 77 through 83 last night and I am okay, but today my question is "If I am to repeat the above 4 rows, what do I do about the CHART ROWS, I am not sure how to proceed with those rows as the chart rows are different and I believe I would have to do the chart
of get the design of the cable on the (left back) of the sweater. Hope you can help me.

Follow the chart for the area that uses the chart at the same time that you do the cable repeats. Like many patterns, the cable repeats and the chart rows are worked on different total number of rows. For this pattern, you’ll repeat 4 rows for the cables but the chart will go over some larger number of rows. Keep track of the rows for each on paper or use a couple of row counter.
It seems complicated but I bet that once you get started you’ll see the patterns and it really won’t be so difficult. Good luck with it.

Thanks again for the information. Last nite I knitted 8 rows, and
I believe I now understand it. I apologize for sounding like an idiot, but I am a hands on and hard for me to understand the patterns without seeing it done.

Again, thank you for your help and this site is marvelous.