Debbie Bliss Baby Shrug Pattern Help - Picking Up Stitches

I’m working on the shrug for my niece. So far, everything is fine - now I’m on the Front Edging - picking up stitches. I tried picking up every stitch and can’t seem to fit what they are asking me to pick up. The first set of stitches I’m to pick up is K22. I think I only had 20 stitches to start with. Do I just squeeze in 2 somewhere? I really want to finish this, but somehow I’m stuck on starting on the ribbed edging.

With RS of lower right front
facing and 4½mm circular
needle, k4(5:6:7:8) sts
from holder, pick up and
k22(24:26:28:30) sts evenly
round right front to top of

Yes you can pick in an extra, pick up 2 in one st after about 7, then 2 in 1 about 8 sts later. Or do a M1/backward loop increase at about the same places.

How do I pick up 2 stitches in, do I do a yarn over?

The sts you pick up from have two loop and you pick up through both of them, but to add an extra stitch, you pick up a stitch in each of the loops.