Debbie Bliss Baby Jacket

This DB pattern is taken from the book [U]Debbie Bliss Simply Baby[/U] that I was able to get from the library :muah: I really liked and would be tempted to knit almost all of the 20 patterns in this book. Very nice collection of baby things from birth to 2 years.

This was suppose to be made of Debbie Bliss Cotton Double Knitting yarn to a gauge of 20st, and 39 rows on size 6 needles (the pattern is row dependent). I knit mine with Lion Brand Wool-Ease, and got gauge (or close enough :)) with a size 1 needle. :shrug: :lol: The main color is Mushroom and the CC is Blue Heather. This is 9-12 month size.

I really like this little jacket, in fact I have started one in a smaller size already. The DB patterns seem to run a little big, I think.

That is so cute! I love it! :inlove:

Very sweet! I love the colors you chose. The little blue buttons are so cute. Great job.

Thanks Jan and Slim.

I forgot, the pattern was called Roll Edge Jacket.

I chose 3 skeins of mushroom the last time I went to the city with nothing in mind specifically. When I decided I wanted to try this jacket in it I went to my trusty stash and found the blue. My DH found the buttons for me when he went shopping for “buttons about ‘this’ big, in as close to this scrap of blue yarn you can find, or anything else you find that you think would work.”

It is very cute!

very very cute. love the colors!!

That jacket is beautiful! Looks very expensive - something you would find in a nicd department store - & you would pay lots of $ for!

What a lucky baby. It is so cute. Nice job.

Very cute !

looks great!


Off to search for that book (used).

Very cute!! Great job :happydance:

That is just darling! Great job-I love the color choices. :thumbsup: I :heart: Debbie Bliss’ patterns.

Thanks everyone for looking and for the nice comments.:grphug: I appreciate them very much.

Ginny, good idea. I’ve thought of doing that myself. :wink:

Awwww so sweet I am loving it.

I love it, it’s so classic looking!!!

Very Cute!

How adorable! I may check my library for this book, I hope they have it!

Really cute. Love it.

So cute!
I bought that book this summer and though I haven’t made any projects out of it yet, there are quite a few drool spots (my own) on my pages because all those patters are so darn cute!

just kidding about the drool…

Another winner, Merigold! :yay: Very simple and sweet!