Debbie Bliss baby hooded please!

Hi everyone…

I wondered if you could please help me with this pattern from the Simply Baby book.

I’m up to the button hole row. It says to K2, K2tog, y2rn, skpo which I’ve done, then it says work to end, dec as set. Do I just knit straight across the rest of the row? I assume I have to decrease as I have been in the rest of the pattern (K2tog, K3, skpo) when I get to the end of the row?

It then says to work 4 more rows, Dec on the next row and 1 foll right side rows as set. I don’t understand what that means!! How should I decrease? And how many times? And where?! I’m starting with 71 stitches and should be ending with 47.

Thanks so much! I hate getting stuck!!

Sandie x

The directions you give can be explained but I don’t see a way to get from 71 to 47sts following just these instructions.
The initial directions sound like the buttonhole (K2, K2tog, y2rn, skpo). Then you would do as you suggest, knit straight across the rest of the row decreasing (K2tog, K3, skpo) where you have been decreasing. If that’s been at the end of the row, then continue the decreases there (althoug this kind of decrease doesn’t sound like one used at the end of a row). Work 4 more rows, decreasing on the next row as you have been doing at the end of the right side row and then again decreasing on the next right side row. “As set” just means to follow what you have been doing, decreasing in the same place in this case.

What part of the pattern is this? What are the initial rows that set up the decreases? Are there more decreases across the row?

Did you figure out how to read the pattern at the point when the button hole is started? After the button hole row, do you just go back to the decrease pattern you were doing before?


Can you quote the row for the buttonhole and also the decrease pattern? Don’t post the entire pattern, just the area where thete is a problem.

button hole row: K2,K2tog,yo2,skp,work to end, dec as set

Decrease pattern is: K15 , k2tog,k3,skp, k22,k2tog,k3,skp,k25,k2tog,k3,skp,k22,k2tog,k3,skp, k15. These numbers decrease by 1 for the first and last grouping ( the 15 stitches for the front of the jacket and decrease by 2 each row for the other knitting sectons
( i.e 22 becomes 20 on the next row).

"I’m up to the button hole row. It says to K2, K2tog, y2rn, skpo which I’ve done, then it says work to end, dec as set."
Dec as set means to continue the decrease pattern as you quoted: [U]K15 , k2tog,k3,skp, k22,k2tog,k3,skp,k25,k2tog,k3,skp,k22,k2tog,k3,skp , k15[/U]. The numbers between the decreases will change according to where you are in the pattern but the line of the decreases up the sweater will continue. In other words, placing the buttonhole isn’t going to change the basic decrease pattern that you’ve been working. This row will decrease 8sts total.

“Dec on the next row …” This is a little trickier because it’s asking you to follow the decrease pattern but on the wrong side row. So the k2tog will be a purl2tog and the skpo would become a purl2tog through the back loop but that’s what you need to do. Follow the same decrease row pattern(underline above) and just keep checking that the decreases line up by flipping over to the front side to look at placement and slant of the decrease. This row will also decrease 8sts.

“…and 1 foll right side rows as set.” Now you’re back on the right side row and you follow the underlined decrease pattern (again substituting for the numbers between decreases since these keep getting smaller with each decrease row). This row also decreases 8sts total and so by the end of the 3 rows with decrease pattern, you will have decreases 24sts or from 71sts to 47sts.