Debbie Bliss Baby Booties - need help

Hi All:

I am currently knitting debbie bliss bunny booties from her book knits to give

Under the section shape sole the pattern reads:
Sl first 21 stitches onto right-hand needle, rejoin yarn and k10, k2 tog, turn

How do you rejoin the yarn. When I slip the 21 stitches to the right needle the yarn tail is at the back of the right needle.

Leave it, use a new end to work the next part, just leave a long tail and knit 10, k2tog, etc. You could cut the yarn from the 21 sts, just leave 4" or so to weave in later.

I have to wonder if it would make much of a difference if you worked across those first 21 stitches and [I]then[/I] slipped them to the holder.

Yep, that should work okay too.