Debbie Bliss Astrakhan

I got these yummy yarns at Webs with the thought of a scrunchable for me, but I tried them together and you couldn’t even see the pattern–just a lot of jumbled curls. The yarn is so pretty and unusual, I was wondering if anyone could tell me, off the top of their heads, a good idea for a scarf with it. If not, I’ll go searching on KPC, but I thought I’d ask, in case.

You might still consider the scrunchable pattern…while I love the look of that pattern, even more I love the SOFT FABRIC it creates! It really makes the most of an already soft yarn.

I think I’m going to use some blue boucle that I got at Webs for the scrunchable, now that I look at it–on large needles I think it will work better. I was playing with this curly stuff, and no matter what I do, it looks the same knit, so I may make graduated stripes or something. It’s got built in scrunchability, so I think I’ll take advantage of the colors and texture.