Debbie bliss 10170035 dress pattern


I am trying to knit this baby tunic & got flustered right from the first row, the stich count does not match the pattern…or I am just too stupid to read it correctly?Any help would be appreciated, after 10x tries I am about to give up. Luise


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Can you quote just the directions for the cast on and the couple of rows for the size you are making? Don’t give us any more of the pattern due to copyright.


I am knitting the smallest size 1-2 years , 89 stitches cast on and with the pattern given in the first row, it simply does not work out (for me)Luise


Can you quote exactly the first row?


With 3.25mm (US 3) needles, cast on
Foundation row
(wrong side) K3, [p2,k3] 2 times, * p6, k3, [p2, k3]
twice; rep from * last 19 sts,
p6, [k3, p2] 2 times, k3.
Now work in patt as follows:
1st row
P3, [Tw2R, p3] 2 times, * k6, p3, [Tw2R, p3] twice; rep from *
last 19 sts, k6, [p3, Tw2R]
2 times, p3

These are the first 2 rows and they work out to 89sts for both rows 1 and 2. Are you repeating just the sts in brackets twice? That would be the [k3,p2] which takes up 5sts each or 10sts when repeated twice.


You are fantastic , that’s the mistake I made, “knitting the stitches in the brackets twice as well “ . I appreciate your assistance & thank you so much for alleviating my frustration . I am so happy to start this project & will make use of this forum in the future. Kind regards, Luise


Debbie Bliss Pattern # 10170035

Dear Forum
Again I am stuck in this pattern with the neckband
It says as follows : US needles pick up and knit 13 sts down left front neck, K 24 sts from centre front ,pick up and knit 13 sts up right front neck etc…
I am totally confused , it does not make any sense .
Either I am too much a beginner or something is wrong.
I would very much appreciate your help. The finished project looks so easy & beautiful, what do I do wrong.
Friendly regards Luise


The left front neck edge is the left front as you would wear the sweater. Here’s a video for picking up and knitting sts along an edge. See if it helps with the technique.