Debbi Bliss - Sailor Collar Cardigan and Shorts

Help! I am having trouble with the shorts that go with the Sailor Collar Cardigan and Shorts from the Spring/Summer 2012 magazine.

The right leg says to work the rib rows for what I think is 10 rows… I did that and then I am stuck.

It says to k6, turn, sl1, p to end

When I do this I end up with a hole.

Did I make too many rows of rib or am I turning and I should not be turning.

I am about ready to rip it out and find another pattern…


it sounds like you’re reading the pattern correctly and perhaps making the start of some short rows. When you turn like this you will get a small hole. See what the remaining directions say. It’s possible that the hole forms part of a pattern or that it will not be seen in the finished shorts.
There are ways of doing short rows to avoid the hole (see the video under Advanced Techniques on the Free Videos tab) but Debbie Bliss is usually very explicit about how she wants patterns worked and also very aware of detail.

Hi –

I took a deep breathe and did the short rows. The pattern makes the back of the little pants able to handle a baby diaper in the back. The holes are not noticeable. Thank you for the advice.