Dear Santa

please bring me lots and lots of knitting goodies!!
i would love to have some new bags and new tools and of course a rainbow of yarn and tons of patterns!!
I’ve been pretty good.
Okay, a little good.
ALRIGHT, I’ve been moderately good. but please bring it anyway!!
PS I love surprises!!
:heart: :heart: :heart: :happydance: :happydance: :XX: :XX: :cheering: :cheering:


EZ’s Glossary of Knitting DVD
Gift Cert. to and
glove needles
sock wizard software
sweater wizard 3 software
LOTS & LOTS of SouthWest Trading Co. yarn
Knitting Workshop by EZ
Meg Swansens’s latest book
Knitting From the Top Down (think this is the name) book
circ needle size lables
and about a gazillion other things :smiley:

An unlimited supply of yarn from KP
GAAAA book
Fancy expensive needles in every size
Jordana Paige bag
Weekend Knitting book
Presented to me by a gorgeous lover who is madly in love with me

PS and some chocolate

:shifty: :rofling:

Dear Santa…

Pulllleaaassee send me more needles!
Stitch holders and other accessories
Some yarn for felting
Yarn for everything else
The Knitters Bible
Last Minute Knitted Gifts
Knitting without Tears
and, and…oh heck, just check my Amazon Wishlist! :happydance:

I just cant get enough GIFT CERTIFICATES!!

Any of my LYS’s
Littleknits (that place with the AWESOME sale in this thread

And, I SUPPOSE I could use GCs for clothes, too… :rollseyes:

wow, lots of requests for kpixie. anyone have the link? that must be one place I haven’t found yet!!
:roflhard: mama you are too funny! BUT HEY, I love the chocolate part!!
hadn’t thought of that one.

:rofling: femmy, you crack me up! :smiley:

Kpixie link:
Such yummy & unusual stuff, one of a kind yarns, all sorts of yummies AND if u sign up for their email letter…u get 10% off your 1st order AND it’s run by 2 very, very nice girls…missa & jessica…just the 2 of them AND you get extra special service…in short…THEY ROCK :thumbsup:

Ball Winder
Yarn Swift (either storebought, but hubby-made would be more precious)
Gift Certificates for yarn (would love one for the Yarn Cafe in Maple Grove,MN-my new fave naughty place to go when visiting B,SIL, & DN)
Wall cubbies in my craft room (now dumping ground) to stash my yarn to make it feel all Yarn Store-y
Some real cashmere yarn to make a luxurious scarf or even baby item “for someday”

…just some “off the top of my head” ideas for ya Santa baby :thumbsup:

the jordana paige knitting bag in red

lorna’s laces lion & lamb in watercolor, purple iris, mixed berries and any other purple-y colors

jelly, I LOVE PURPLE too!! any shades etc.
binky, yummy cashmere!!
rebecca, thanks for the link, I’ve bookmarked and will look later.
I love finding knitting sites!

I’ve been trying to give folks suggestions for gifts, but I can’t really think of anything specific, so probably gift certificates for yarn! And I think that my MIL is getting me a subscription to Interweave Knits. :cheering:

Ditto this. I :inlove: :heart: the Yarn Cafe in Maple Grove!
The Jordana Paige bag in red
ANY yarn
A set of Denises

I don’t have any knitting things on my wish list. Not even yarn. :shock:

I want an iPod, a new cell phone, a Kate Spade purse, and diamonds.
I’m easy. :smiley:

Silver, would you please forward your wish list to MY husband! I think you are a wise woman. I want–need–must have a Kate Spade. And the diamonds----------well, we can dream can’t we. :thumbsup:

Ditto this. I :inlove: :heart: the Yarn Cafe in Maple Grove!
The Jordana Paige bag in red
ANY yarn
A set of Denises[/quote]

Rock on YarnPiggy! I go through St. Paul monthly now since my Brother and fam moved from Inver Grove Hghts to New Richmond WI. I’ll :waving: to ya next time I’m there at Xmas!
I have the JP bag in black…thought about red to be unique, but my other craft totes are black…so I guess my whole line matches! :thumbsup: