Dear Amy -Happy Birthday to You!

[I][FONT=Book Antiqua]Dear Amy,[/FONT][/I]
[I][FONT=Book Antiqua]Happy Birthday!![/FONT][/I]
[I][FONT=Book Antiqua]Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful knitting insights and teachings! It’s a great gift for all to cherish.[/FONT][/I]
[I][FONT=Book Antiqua]Thanks a lot to devoted staff members who put forth their best efforts, intentions [/FONT][/I][I][FONT=Book Antiqua]and make this site a wonderful place to visit![/FONT][/I]
[I][FONT=Book Antiqua]“May the warm winds of heaven[/FONT][/I]
[I][FONT=Book Antiqua]Blow softly upon your house.[/FONT][/I]
[I][FONT=Book Antiqua]May the Great Spirit[/FONT][/I]
[I][FONT=Book Antiqua]Bless all who enter there.[/FONT][/I]
[I][FONT=Book Antiqua]May your mocassins[/FONT][/I]
[I][FONT=Book Antiqua]Make happy tracks[/FONT][/I]
[I][FONT=Book Antiqua]In many snows,[/FONT][/I]
[I][FONT=Book Antiqua]And may the rainbow[/FONT][/I]
[I][FONT=Book Antiqua]Always touch your shoulder.”[/FONT][/I]
[I][FONT=Book Antiqua]~~Cherokee blessing[/FONT][/I]

Indeed, thank you for the wonderful site and a very happy birthday to you! Many happy returns of the day.