De-stashing Quilt Magazines Sell for $?...OBO

I know this is a knitting forum, but I figure there might be some quilting friends here. I just painted my sewing room a scrumptious apple green and re-organized everything. I find I have tons of Quilt magazines, half of them collectible Quilter’s Newsletters going back to 1970 (issue #13 is the oldest) and into the mid 90’s…to get rid of. Not to mention several binders full of things which I had cut out of and neatly organized by category from damaged mags or non-quilting mags.

There are 129 full publications plus the binders. I’ve put them all on a PDF document in case anyone wants to see what they would be getting. Email me and I will send you a copy.

Since these are collectible, I’m not exactly sure what a fair price would be for this, I’m looking into it, then I’ll ask for $$$ OBO (Or Best Offer will be considered), plus shipping. I don’t know exactly how much it weighs yet, I’ll get them in a box and weigh it by this weekend, but I’m guessing it will fill about half an 11"x17" size box.

If interested in seeing the list, or if you have any idea where I can get an idea for the value of these, please email me at

Do you have any Quilting Arts? I might be interested in some of those. There’s a Fons & Porter one I’ve been looking for too. For buyers, you might try posting the list on or a local quilting guild/chapter in your area – you’ll probably find more quilters there. As fo value, no idea.

Thanks. Sorry, I don’t have any of those. Just about 90 Quilter’s Newsletters and assorted.