Howdy everyone! This is an awesome site! I’m looking forward to learning all sorts of knitting tidbits. I’ve been reading this site for about a month, and decided to go ahead and join. I’ve been knitting for two years, have a stash that consists mostly of acrylic/wool mixes (blech!) and clearance Magic Stripes, and am dying to learn how to spin as well.

Welcome! Now, there’s nothing wrong with blends–all yarns are welcome here. We’re equal-opportunity knitters. Some yarns are just more equal than others. :teehee:

Welcome! :waving:


Welcome! Look forward to getting to know you :slight_smile:

Mama Bear

Welcome!! :waving: Glad you decided to de-lurk!

[size=2](Nice Animal Farm reference, Ingy! :rofl: )[/size]

:waving: Welcome!

:blooby: Welcome to the forum!!

:cheering: welcome to - its as addictive as the craft itself =D

:rofl: too true…

Welcome! :hug: