DD and her seven foot scarf

OK so here is a picture of the beginning of the first seven foot scarf. I knit this in Bernat Soft Boucle. It is a very soft squishy soft of scarf. She requested not fancy and very long and thin, so that is what I am knitting.

It looks soo soft, I like it!

Looking good. :slight_smile:

Looks good! How thin is it? I know my daughter like them thin… about 4 inches wide.

I don’t see how you are possibly going to get all of them done in time w/o killing yourself! Maybe you could finish this one, add an IOU to it and see how she reacts to it first? Knowing her history and all…

Mmmm, that does look really soft! :slight_smile:

Thanks! I CO 27 sts and am using US 9 needles. The scarf is four and a half inches wide, using Bernat Soft Boucle. It is very nice and drapey and sooo soft, BUT this yarn is a pain to knit with because of all the little bumps in it.

I truly wonder if anything I knit for her or her family is good enough. I do my best and that is all that I can do. She refuses to try to understand that these things take time. I have told her if I do not finish, she will get wrapped yarn under the tree. Her response to that was … well it is not like I am going to use them for a functional purpose Mom, they are for decoration only so it does not matter to me if you get them done in time.

That one hurt! I just totally give up!! I will keep knitting and get as much done as I can.

And life goes on…

That’s a good idea…

I think that I would do the same thing- just knit one for Christmas… and then wait on the others. That’s too much of a time commitment or yarn $ to make 3 seven foot long scarves… as a last minute request.

I would just say that there was no way that you could do but [B]ONE OF THE SCARVES…[/B] because… it takes so much time… and you still had other knitting to work on too. Then, if she absolutely loves it… puts it on and won’t take it off (even inside) … then, I’d work on another scarf.

I already have all the yarn I will need to make the three scarves. I got it the night she asked for the scarves. This way, I do not need to make an extra trip to start a second, or even a third scarf (I know, I know, I am dreaming!).


I think what she means is they aren’t going to be used for warmth, just for looks, but still. :hug: Maybe she needs an etiquette book along with a scarf.

Jan took the words right out of my mouth. Bless you for continuing to knit in the face of such a lack of gratitude or tact.

Looks great.

I did this scarf on a 29" Size 9 Circular needle
it was almost 300 Stitches, and I did 4 rows of each color
my 12yo Daughter LOVES it, and actively sabtages me every time I try to sell it


:happydance:Looks great and very cozy…:hug:

ecb~very pretty…I made one like that but in different colors…it’s my favorite one to wear…I need to drag it out for this year :happydance:

Three seven foot scarves!? eek
I don’t do scarves because I get bored with them - I did three last Christmas and decided that four feet was long enough, as they all just do the fold in half method. Granted, the gift I took the most time with was the least appreciated (less even than the hat that didn’t fit anyone and looked HORRIBLE, because that one made a great frisbee).

LMAO at great frisbee cuz that is sooo funny! I am sure that even if it looked unflattering it was probably warm and comfy.

Yes, I got suckered into three of them. My DD can never just ask for one small thing, she HAS to have it all! Bored or not bored, I have to go on as it is the only thing she wants for Christmas this year. I will do my best to get as far as I can with them.

Were it me, I’d give her coal for Christmas. Such an attitude doesn’t deserve all the time and effort in my opinion.

The Saga of Scarf Hell continues… :hair:

OK now is when I NEED motivation. I have the blue scarf finished except weaving in the ends, the white scarf is sitting at 36" and the green scarf is sitting at 28" at this time.

I made an error in judgement on the white scarf. I chose size US 7 needles. It is taking forever to show any progress. The green scarf however, I CO yesterday morning and it is going quickly. I am using size US 10’s and the Eve’s Rib pattern. I still don’t think I will be finished them all by Christmas, but I am trying hard.

Someone care to give me a boot in the butt and make me knit faster? PLEASE…


:teehee: I would prolly just finish one and tell her that is all I could do… that is just to much before Christmas…she should understand…

BEND over , Here comes my big boot lol.
Seriously ! you are doing so great. Breath in and relax and have a coffee. :slight_smile:

MMMMmmmm coffee, one more excuse not to knit the white scarf. Good idea! BRB going to put on the coffee…