DBO2? (Accidentally On Purpose Drop Stitch Vest)

Currently I’m working on the “Accidentally On Purpose Drop Stitch Vest” from [I]Stitch N’ Bitch Nation[/I]…The majority of it is simple-knit it stockinette. The drop stitch ladders are done at the end when you’re binding off.

My question is about the [B]DB02[/B]. Is anyone familiar with this? It says to drop the stitch (ok no problem) which will create a ladder. It then says to “[B]lift the resulting ladder, knit into the front of it, knit into the back of it, bind off the first stitch, bind off the second stitch”[/B]. If there’s anyone out there who has successfully completed this project or who knows what that means and can tell me precisely how to do that part I would [I]really[/I] appreciate it!



I haven’t done the pattern, but it sounds like after you drop the stitch, you need to reestablish some stitches at the top edge to bind off from.

Lift the top strand that goes between the needles as if you were doing a M1 stitch. Then knit into the back and front, which will create two stitches, and bind them off.

I was just playing with this, after I found this clarification: Drop next stitch off the needle and let it unravel all the way down to cast on edge. Lift up resulting ladder from front to back with left hand needle, knit into front of this stitch and lift previous stitch up and over it to bind off, knit into back of same stitch and lift previous stitch up and over it to bind off.

You should take the yarn between the sts on your left and right needles after you drop the stitch and knit 2 sts into it and bind them off. That leaves the edge the same width as the body.

I understand that I’m creating two stitches with the ladder-my problem is I’m not sure how to go about it. Like what does “knit into the front” [I]mean. [/I]Does it mean to knit into the ladder as I would a normal knit stitch, and does “knit into the back” mean to knit into the ladder as I would normally knit through the back loop?

I don’t know maybe I’ll just play around with it some more…

knit into the front and knit into the back is a way to increas, take a deep breath and step away from your project for a bit and when you come back to it it might make more sense. Check this site for a good vido on how to do this after you pick up the stitch from the ladder.

If it helps any, you could take that yarn strand and wrap around your left needle twice so there’s two loops on there like two separate sts. Then knit each one of them.

Yes. But I think Sue has a great idea with looping the ladder yarn around the left needle 2 x. Then you can knit as usual into the front of the first loop, bind that off and then knit into the back of the 2nd loop you made and bind that off.

Thanks everyone for all your help. Now that I’ve taken a break from the project for a few days I’m going to attempt it once again.

have fun - I am sure you will get it :slight_smile: