Dbl Knit Q again

yay I’m first!!! :cheering:

I want to pose my double knitting question again from this thread… and thanks to KK for being the only person to answer (I thought more of ya’ll liked me than that but whatever! ).
The edited version is I want to make a baby afghan with a garter stitch border, and double knit in the center (with solid stockinette on once side and basket weave on the other), and I wanted to know if this would work, since the pieces wouldn’t be connected–and I thought about tieing it, like a quilt, to keep them together. KK’s suggestion was to increase every other stitch in the CC (the basket weave color) in the row before I want the double knit to start… Now I understand how to do this in theory… buuuuuutttttttttt I’m a bit nervous.
And, so once I got my doble knitting set up, I just work the MC stitches and patters on one side (for me it’s my WS), slipping the CC stitches, and on the turn (RS) I slip the MC stitches and work the CC stitches/pattern only… right?
I tried a few times, but I feel like I’m kind of patting my head and rubbing my stomach at the same time but my arms are disconected from my body (no this is not some hallucinogenic-induced psychosis)


You can work both at once, or during the same round…if you are knitting your MC sts, your purl your CC (or WS) sts. Have you checked out Amys FANTASTIC DK video? Did you check out the DK hat that I am currently working on? Im doin’ both sides at once, even though the pattern says to slip sts & do one color at a time…its toward the bottom of THIS PAGE.

I did check out the video; I watched it about 10 times before i was convinced I knew what was going on enough to try it, hahaha. And I DID see the hat on the other post, I check that before I poseted this Q, but since I’m not knitting in the round, it didn’t answer my question… I’d have to do them one at a time, since I’m knitting flat, right? Arrgghhhhhhh :wall:

I think you and Kelly are both right.
The fly in the ointment, in my opinion, is that one side is stockinette and one side is basketweave, a pattern. Though in theory I guess you could do both colors at the same time (like in Amy’s DK video), it would be difficult to keep track of that basketweave doing it that way. Being the chicken I am, I would be inclined to slip the stitches belonging to the opposite side I was working on and do them one at a time, of course with all the stitches on the needle at once.

Yvonne is right about the difficulty being backwards basketweave…

Why dont you try it with slipping the sts, and if that’s a pain after a couple rows, then stop slipping & try knitting both colors in one row…

If you are working DK on straight needles, you just reverse the sts on the WS.

Okay, good… I was having trouble putting that into words, I think, but Yvonne you explained it perfectly. OKAY. time to get started. maybe…

I need someone to explain how to join dpn. I did it before. I MUST HAVE BRAIN FOG.

The same way you’d join for circulars. Lay out the dpns in a line with the yarn on the right most one, make sure the sts aren’t twisted around the needles. Then bring the left needle and right needle together and knit the st on the left needle.