Dazzleaire yarn

I know it’s been discontinued for quite a while, but does anyone know anyplace (other than ebay) where you can find this? I thought maybe someone might know a place that has discontinued yarn, or somebody or somewhere that ended up with a lot of it left over when it was done away with.

I think eBay is your best bet. Or, if you join Ravelry, you’ll find it in other knitter’s stashes. Sometimes, they offer their yarn for trade or sell. I’ve bought some yarn on Ravelry that way. Pretty cool. :thumbsup:

I have a skien or two of white…your welcome to it if you want :wink:

Wow!!! I’d love it! How much, and where do I send the $$ to?

no money you can have it for free:muah: :hug: I’ll pm ya