Dazed and Confused?!?! Pattern question

I’m working on the cap sleeved summer shift from speed knitting and it tells me when i get ready to shape the armholes, that I will be knitting flat. To place the stitches from the front on a large stitch holder and work the back with the short one, then tells me how many stitches I should have. (all of that is step 8)

Where I get confused…it says:
Step 9: Bind off 3 stitches at the beginning of the next 2 rows.

I’m confused because if the top is facing me, I’m looking at the right side of the work and my working yarn is on the LEFT side. Am I supposed to do something else first?

THanks for any help!

Knit the 1st stitch on your left needle onto the right needle then your working yarn will be on the right, then knit the 2nd stitch and pass the 1st stitch over do that twice more and you will have bound off your 3 stitches. Continue on with pattern.

I saw your post on Rav and I think the light finally dawned. If you put the front sts on the holder before you knit them the yarn is going to be in the wrong place to start the BO on the RS row of the back. Knit across the front sts, then put them back on the holders and proceed with the BO on the back.