I bought six skeins of washable cashmere to knit a baby blanket for my first grandchild. Yikes! It looks like thread!
What size needles should I use? Since I’m a beginnet I thought I’d do a basic basket weave. Any suggestions/help?

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What a great problem to have. You could see what needle size is suggested on the yarn label and play around from there. Try a swatch in knit and purl sts as you would use for the basketweave pattern and see if you like the knit fabric. Try larger and smaller needles on the swatch and see what happens. You may like looser or tighter knit fabric.
Sounds like lots of fun and congrats on your first grandchild. These are great times.

What she said…

You could also play around with it doubled and use a lot larger needle with it. What’s the name of it, we might be able to help you out easier knowing that.

Its a washable cashmere fro fabulousyarns.com

Hmmm, maybe a little more specific? There’s about 10 cashmere yarns there and I don’t see a washable one. I’m asking because that way we can see if it’s a laceweight or fingering weight.

The yarn is Artyarns: cashmere Sock Yarn

Okay, I think it’s a heavy fingering weight, which isn’t so thin, but half the thickness of worsted. So doubled would be about a worsted weight.

As its so expensive can I use it without doubling it with the size 6 needles they recommend or should I use smaller needles?
Thank you so much for your help!

Is this the yarn? It recommends a US 2 on this info. If this is it then also take a look at the projects. Using a 6 will give you more of a lacy look, but try a small swatch. You can see if you like the fabric.

If you’re worried about running out of yarn before you finish your blanket, you can make a swatch using several different size needles to figure out which one you prefer, and then unravel it and wind the yarn loosely around the skein for reuse later. I often set that skein aside and start with another one just so the kinky yarn has a chance to straighten itself out a bit.