Daughter's Milestone

Today was the one-year anniversary of my daughter tearing her ACL (y’all probably remember the story).

It was so weird because she had a soccer game tonight, against the same team as last year when it happened and on the same field.

Good thing we’re not superstitious. I did pray for her this morning during devotions and during her game, though. :thumbsup:

She plays with a brace until her one-year surgery anniversary. But oh my goodness…I just :heart: watching her play…knowing how far she’s come since her surgery.

:::::::::::::::::::sigh of contentment::::::::::::::


It’s so nice to watch your kids succeed…after struggling so hard for something…

Just had to share…

What a beautiful thing that she fought so hard for something and won! I applaud her. She is truly a gem.

When I married my DH the minister that married us brought her husband (also a minister) to meet us. He walked up to my new DH and said “I tell all my newlyweds this, Sir, this lovely woman is the jewel in your crown, but I want you to remember that without this jewel, that crown is just a sweat band.”

Your daughter is the jewel in your crown. Be proud, you have taught her well!

Your words are kind. We’ve really run the gamut with her, and I know our struggles aren’t over. She’s a teenager, after all.

But watching her struggle through physical therapy…that first session when she cried when they bent her knee. Pure torture. And now she goes for extra training two days a week on top of soccer practices…

Her dedication is so inspiring. And watching her inspire others with her amazing play…

Tonight, I heard a parent comment that she’s running faster with her brace than without. That was huge. I remember the first couple of tournaments when she started playing again. She was not 100%, and she was so much slower. She was just devastated. She’s been one of the top players in the state, and she didn’t think she would ever get back to that level again. It’s truly a blessing…


Bless your daughter’s heart. :hug:

:hug: that’s great :hug:

That’s fantastic!!

Things like this always make me smile :heart: . Good luck in the future and tell her to keep it up! :thumbsup: