Daughter Playing Soccer Again! Final Score 0-1 :-(

Some of you may remember that my daughter had surgery to reconstruct her torn ACL. She’s been doing rehab all summer.

So here I sit, using the handy-dandy broadband card I purchased yesterday (along with dd’s laptop, which I’ve confiscated), driving to the fields @ 5:00 in the morning. I’ll be able to keep up with my classes (all four of them, which are online) and enjoy her play. Oh, and the knitting is in the bag too. :wink:

Dh said we’re nuts…no one should be driving to the fields that early in the morning. I told him I’m so happy that she’s playing again…I wouldn’t trade sleeping in for this!

Anyhow, I know that many of you have walked this journey with us. Just thought I would share. :muah:



and maybe a moment or two of :sleepy: for you both :teehee:

That’s fantastic that she’s able to play again! :woohoo:

I hear you. Son napped in the backseat for a bit this morning.

The team won their first game 3-0. It looked like she was going to get a goal. ::::::::::::::::sigh:::::::::::::::::

Got another game in about 30 minutes.

Pure heaven watching your kids! :heart::heart::heart:

:yay:I am so glad to hear everything is ok. I went through my husband’s ACL reconstruction surgery with him. She must be soo happy to be on the field again! Good Job on the first game!

Yes, she’s thrilled. She actually started playing again in July, but she was very hesitant. I’d say she was at 70%. I haven’t seen her play since (although they’ve had a few games here and there), and I just can’t believe how much she’s improved! I would say she’s at 85% now. She’s starting to look like her old self. <sniff, sniff>

You really look at things differently after going through something like this. The things you took for granted…simple steps…going to the bathroom on your own (I had to help her for about a week)…you just realize what a blessing it is to be able to do those things.

Because she’s been such a good player (one of the top in the state…excuse my bragging ;)), it was very hard for all of us. Many tears were shed from December, when she injured it, until February, when she had the surgery. Cryin’s over now!

Oh, and the team won their second game 6-0. Tomorrow, they face the team they beat last year. Should be a good game. :thumbsup:

cloud9Big Bear Hugs! So very very happy for both of you…

I’m so glad the rehab went so well


Thanks Snowbear! :muah:

Well, today was interesting.

The girls’ first game was one of the worst games I’ve ever seen…all because of the referees! I have never seen a game so poorly reffed in my life, and I’ve watched many, many games since my daughter started playing ten years ago. It’s bad when the ref makes a bad call, for your team, and you still yell at him because of the unfairness to the other team. Gee whiz!

We wound up tying, which was enough to get us through the semi-finals.

This was a much better game. The ref did great, but it came down to PK’s after tying in regulation and then tying in two overtimes. We wound up winning when our goalie stopped two of the kicks!

So we play in the finals tomorrow morning. Stay tuned!

Well, the girls came in second in the championship game. They did not play their best, but they had opportunities. The score was 0-1, so it was close.

We’re about an hour away from home, and I managed to grab a one-hour nap a bit earlier.

I’m a little sunburned and have two essays and two exams this week, but the week, but it was nice to have this weekend of fun.

Daughter’s knee is sore from five games…can you believe kids play that hard in three days???


Our next tournament will be in Washington D.C… I’m going, even though I’ll probably be taking finals in the airport! :teehee:

That’s great that your dd is playing again and doing well!! It must have been so exciting for her to get back out there, I can’t imaging how hard it was to just wait. Good for her! :cheering: And what a great mom you are to drive her to the fields at the crack of dawn!:teehee:

I’m so glad she is playing again! hope the knee is better today. I think any organized sport is just as hard on the parents as the kids!

Knee is very sore, but that’s to be expected. Five games is a lot for anyone!

As far as the parents…it’s just what we do! Hard, expensive, you name it, but we’re there anyway. :wink: