Daughter in the sweater I just showed

DH mailed the sweater off to DD on Friday and she got it Saturday. She just got this picture to me today. She really likes the sweater and so does the rest of her family (DH and her girls)

The sleeve length is just right on her.

Wow! It fits her perfectly and looks so lovely! That is a truly beautiful sweater.

Looks wonderful on her!

That’s gorgeous! Lucky girl. :cheering:

That’s beautiful on her! It must be so nice to have a mom who knits. :wink:

Oh wow! Your daughter is so pretty! The sweater is the perfect color and style for her!!

She’s beautiful! And looks lovely in her new sweater.

Perfect fit :thumbsup: It looks fabulous on her!

It looks great on her! Perfect color! :slight_smile:

She’s beautiful! Her new sweater is beautiful!
What a wonderful daughter!

It looks beautiful on her. She has such pretty hair!!!

Yes, she has thick naturally curly hair. She gets it from her father, not me. She has some premature graying going on but she likes it.