Daughter Got Her Permit (Updated 6/26)

Oh gosh…I’m so nervous! :help:


My dd turned 15 in January, but I didn’t let her get her permit because she was terribly snotty to me. I know it sounds like a harsh thing to have done, but it’s one of those things that if you had been there to experience it, you would understand. I had explained to her that getting your permit is a privilege, not a right.

Anyhow, she had knee surgery in February, and because we only have stick-shift cars, I didn’t want her learning to drive them yet in fear that her bad knee (the left one) would get re-injured if she popped the clutch hard.

My plan had been to let her get it next month, but I decided to use it as a bribe to get her to go to swim practice with the high school team as therapy for her knee. She went to one practice last week and HATED it. I mean she cried and told me she wasn’t going back. I told her if she wanted to play soccer next month (when she gets released by the therapist to do so), then she’ll swim.

The next day I had the idea that maybe I could soften her dislike for swimming by giving her something she wanted…

Hence the permission to FINALLY get her permit. So, she’s got the appointment to take the test Monday afternoon.

Can I just say that I’m TERRIFIED!!! The thought of having to ride with her down a street with other cars…:pray:

I don’t think I’ll take my knitting in the car while she’s driving. Not yet anyway. :teehee:

Anyhow…just sharing…


It will help you stay calm & focused, and not see the other cars about to hit you:happydancing:

Sorry, been there done that, survived it… looking back knitting would have helped!

Good luck… hugs…

( maybe she won’t pass? ):think:

Oh, gee, thanks. :rofl: :teehee:

You’re so bad!!! :roflhard:

I just can’t wish that for her. She’s gotta grow up some time. My hair is just gonna be gray afterward.

My DD was forbidden driver’s ed this summer for similar reasons. DS got his permit last summer, and he doesn’t like to drive, which I think odd. Most teen-age boys can’t wait to get behind the wheel.

The first time I rode with him, I had to keep singing a song over and over in my head to calm me down. He loves to hug that center line.

It’s nice to know that I’m not the only “mean” mom. :wink:

Well, she passed the test, dang it. :teehee:

The best part is that she has an ugly picture on her permit. She always makes fun of my picture. Not any more.

So we went driving around our neighborhood, which has lots of stop signs. She conked out (stick shift) many, many times, with cars behind us.

This is gonna be fun. :roflhard:

Wait till she starts telling you to remember to signal… or… You didn’t stop long enough at the stop sign… all of a sudden they are experts, lol

Don’t lol too much( at least where she can hear, lol)

Good luck…


My parents made me learn on a stick shift and boy was it tough. I did a lot a crying because I would stall all the time (to make matter’s worse I was learning on a 84’ VW Rabbit w/ no power steering, talk about tough). As frusterating as it was for me I can’t imagine what my parents had to go through with me stalling/crying at every stop sign.:shock: I feel bad for them looking back on it. Good luck and God bless. I’m sure you’ll have some interesting times while she’s learning.:teehee:

Good advice…

We went out for a second practice run in the neighborhood. She did really good, and I was even able to pull out the car manual to read her instructions for successfully getting out of first gear.

The problem right now seems to be getting into our driveway. She burned some rubber this last time. The sound drew dh and ds out of the house. :teehee: You should see the tire mark. (She made me delete the picture I took, knowing that I was going to post it here. :rofl:

It was the only time I raised my voice, “BRAKE!” :teehee:

She’s embarrassed. I comforted her with the appropriate words.

Oh my! My DD is only 11 and I’m already terrified! LOL. She’ll get better with the stick shift…that’s how I learned and once you learn it, it’s great!

Save the fear for later…boys, driving, etc…

Enjoy the relatively fear-free days of today. :wink:

My DD is 15 and has had her permit for over a month. She is a good driver and I’m not tooo nervous. She wants to driver everywhere, which I guess is good. But, its exhausting being the passenger, because you have to be so alert and watch everything.

I was not so calm when my DS was driving though. He’s 18 and I’m still nervous when I drive with him!

I remember when I got my permit I was soooo excited. On the way home I asked my mom if we could stop by my friend’s house. When we got there I was getting a little too close to the curb and almost took out her mail box!:oo:

I really can’t believe they let 15 year-olds on the road. :shock: The driving age in NJ is 17, which means no permit until your 16. After I got my license, they changed it so you get a “graduated driver’s license” at 17, with restrictions on night driving, how many non-family members in the car, etc (it’s supposed to be drunk-driving prevention), and you get your “full” license at 18. 15 is just so YOUNG.

That being said…if you can teach your daughter to drive, you are a saint. :notworthy: After one…memorable lesson with my mother, my G-pa was the one who taught me to drive. :teehee: There are a lot of warehouses and factories in the town I grew up in, and they make for great places to practice driving and parallel parking on the weekends–wide roads with no traffic. We stole traffic cones from Ed’s set–the bowling alley–for the parallel parking.

Good luck!

I agree. I think that 15 is too young.

Today, dh started to take dd for a drive in the Jeep, which is much easier to come off of the clutch. I’m inside, watching out the window, when it appears as if, after backing out of the driveway, and in the attempt to go forward (and lurching), she hits dh’s work vehicle (as in paid for by his company). Oh no!

Dh gets out of the Jeep looking unhappy. But, she only knocked over the trash can, which was beside the bumper of his car. From inside, it looked like she had hit the car.

Dh suggested that I take her. Chicken…


She actually made it into the driveway without conking out today.

Scary moments…lots and lots of prayers.

One thing you might do if you haven’t thought of it already: Before I was allowed on the road my parents took me over to a large empty parking lot (we used the high school’s when school was not in session) so I could get used to starting, stopping, accelerating, turning, etc. without having to deal with other cars around (they drove over and back). Especially with learning on a stick shift, this might be a good way for her to get more comfortable with the mechanics of handling the car so that once she is on the road she can concentrate on not hitting things and obeying the rules of the road rather than figuring out how the car works.

I learned on a 58 Ford tractor in the middle of 40 acres where I couldn’t hurt anything. I learned to start, change gears, & steer.

Then I progressed to a 64 Ford Truck with 3 on the column. That took some learning…

When I finally drove an automatic I didn’t know how to act… it was sooo easy, lol

I tried to teach dd to drive a standard… she wouldn’t let me… so… she learned on an automatic… she’s a great driver… now if she would just get her eyes checked:oo:

We’ve done the school parking lot thing. We should probably try the mall parking lot early one morning.

She can drive the Jeep fine. It’s my Ford Escape that is hard to come off the clutch in. And she has to learn little things that we find easy.

Thanks for the suggestions and encouragement! :hug: