Date and time on pictures

Ive been sitting here dawdling (any excuse not to knit right now, Im all knit out for today) and I was playing with the digital camera. I THINK I figured out how to change the date and time on the pictures. I`ll know the next time I take a picture. We shall see… :teehee:

:woohoo: It’s the little things. Congrats. :slight_smile:

:yay: Yep, took me awhile to figure it out too! I love that date function–I wish my film negative photos had the date on them. Of course somedays I wish my camera not only told me the date and time but my NAME. :teehee:

I’m so glad you posted this Christine! I turned off my date stamp for some reason, can’t remember that either…and I turned it back on just now!

I like it on my knitting photos. Sometimes that’s the only way I can remember when I knit something! :doh:

I hadn’t turned it off. The batteries ran out on the camera and when they did the date and time changed for some reason. The darned pictures were saying it was 2005, some time in September. It was annoying the heck out of me.