Darryl Hannahs Scarf in Celebrity Scarves

Hey yall…

Does anyone have Celebrity Scarves (is it scarfs or scarves?)? I saw it at the LBS today and only liked her scarf. I just wanna know what size needles to use and the kind of yarn.

Thanks in advance.

I haven’t seen it. Now i am curious as to what it looks like. Will check out the magazine in the Bookstore tomorrow.

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Borders does not carry the magazine. Am i correct in thinking celebrity scarfs is a magazine?

Oh, no I’m sorry it’s a book! Eeeek.

Whether you want to re-create your favorite celebrity’s design or find inspiration to stitch a new one, this book makes it easy with beautiful color photography and easy-to-follow instructions for each featured scarf. Whatever the design, these scarves are sure to inspire proving that knitting is no longer just your grandmother’s hobby.

Go back to your LBS and copy the instructions from the book. If you are able to do this please forward them to me. :lol:

I did a google search to find the picture. Good Luck

I checked this book out today (Sorry, i didn’t think to look at the directions for the D H scarf, sorry!!!) But i was totally UNIMPRESSED with the book. It looks like all the scarves are garter stitch, with varying types on novelty yarns and in varying widths. I totally wouldn’t buy this book unless I was into the whole celeb phots thing.

Daryl Hannah on the cover, a scarf in shades of coffee and cream. Most of the pieces are executed in the basic garter stitch, so there’s not much here for the more experienced knitter. However, even those who have left the garter stitch behind years ago will enjoy looking at the beautiful photos. I know i did.

I hope the colors mentioned will help you foldedbird.

I was unimpressed with the book too. That’s why I didn’t buy it, but I did love DH’s scarf. It would be a great project for me since I’m new to knitting.

I started knitting just last month, and I’m only up to making scarves so far. I saw the Celebrity Scarves book in my library when I first started and immediately took it out. I can see why it would be useless for an experienced knitter, but for a beginner, it’s perfect. The instructions are easy to figure out, and right now, all I know how to do is the garter stitch! (I don’t even know how to read a pattern yet.)

I made a scarf much like the one Daryl Hannah wears on the cover – I was very taken with the “shabby chic” look of it.

I used four types of yarn: Sirdar Snowflake Chunky Magic in shades of off-white, oatmeal and brown; Homespun in Roccoco (beige); Gedifra Chapello in off-white; and Modea Dea Flip in Mohave (this is a tan fun fur with tan and brown flecks).

I cast on 20 stitches and used size 17 needles (I’m keeping track of all my knitting so far in my PDA!). I also used some elongated stitches as described on KnittingHelp.com.

I love that there are so many shadings and textures of yarn in this scarf. I had a lot of fun making it, and figuring out which yarns to use (what would look good together), and the scarf always gets admiring comments when I wear it. However, I didn’t do fringe on it – because I got so carried away and made it so long, I’d be stepping on the fringe if I added it!

For the more experienced knitter, a scarf like this might be a good way to use up your scraps! Check out the book cover on Amazon.com

Judy, do you have a picture of your scarf that we can see? I’d love to have a peek!

I don’t, but I’ll see if I can take one and upload it…thanks for your interest!

Oh, that would be fantastic Judy! I can’t wait!

Here’s a photo of the scarf I made after being inspired by Daryl’s. According to the book, her scarf was done on size 13 needles, but the stitches look like they were done with much bigger needles.

here it is

It’s really beautiful!!! Good job!

Thanks for sharing.