Darn you people!

Here I was totally content with the Acrylic yarn that I had grown so used to useing. Then I joined up here. After reading all of the posts about all the great yarns out there I decided to treat myself to some decadance yarn from Knitpicks. Well I recieved it today and am offically over my enjoyment of Acrylic yarn. That stuff is soooo soft and lovely! :inlove: I haven’t even tried a swatch yet. I am going to roll it into a ball tonight once my kids go to bed and play tomorrow. :drooling:

Just wanted you to know that I was blissfully ignorant before I joined up here , but you all have ruined that for me :roflhard:

Your life will never be the same… :rofling:

Glad we could help! :roflhard: :roflhard:

As KK said yesterday - we’re a great bunch of enablers! :thumbsup:

What are you going to turn that lovely yarn into?


Kind of like going from McDonalds to Filet Mignon isn’t it!!

Yes…I have boxes under my bed FULL of KP yarns!! :heart: :inlove: :heart: them…can’t help myself…LOL!! One box is exclusively sock yarn…they have very nice sock yarn :wink: !!

Hush you! :roflhard:

This yarn is going to be a scarf for me. I am thinking the elongated stitch scarf… not sure yet…So hard to decide. :doh: :roflhard:

aww just remember one reeeeeeeeally nice thing with Knitpicks…the yarn is SUPAH-cheap! i paid as much for some lion brand acrylic as the most expensive knitpicks yarn!

YEAH! Its not like you bought some Cherry Tree Hill at 35 bucks/hank!! Enjoy your yarn in all its glorious and yummy inexpensiveness!

Preeeeety color!!


I feel the same as you… i was happy in my ignorance… Now there’s a whole new, scary and EXPENSIVE world out there…

They should be ashamed :wink:


Oooooh, Decadence…I loooooved knitting with that!! Have fun! :smiley:

My new fave (besides knitpicks, of course!) is South West Trading Company’s soysilk yarn :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: After I finish my Dulaan scarf ensemble I will do my clapotis in my new SWTC Karaoke yarn…now, this is some :heart: YUMMY yarn!!!

What’s your favorite source for that stuff, Becca? Does it come in black? Does it have a nice drape to it? Im thinking about Knitty’s COZY…

KK, I really want to do Cozy, too! I had thought about the alpaca/silk from Knitpicks. Do you think it needs a yarn with some definition? Let me know what you decide to use, please.

I actually have the yarn lined up for three more projects after I finish this baby kimono, but I’ve been working on this one for about five weeks now (the first one took me five days :rollseyes: ). However, I keep thinking and thinking about COZY, so it may get bumped to the top of the list.

I was thinking about Knitpicks’ Elegance…I like the SHEEN it has. The Andean Silk has some of that, too, but I think the Elegance is just a tad yummier. :wink:

The reason Im also considering the Soysilk is because (1) Rebecca loves it so much and has me interested, and (B) I knit Traveling Vines in Berroco’s denimsilk and I liked the HEFT of it for a wrap.

I’m going to go over to the LYS and plant myself in their easy chair for a bit. I’m going to check out her soysilk. She handed me some last night, I think. More SEx? You bet! No more classes today, I’m going to take an hour off before I clean the house. :cheering:


I drove over to my LYS (the real one, not the craft store) and actually felt some of the natural fibers… biting my fist :inlove:

I’m knitting with crap, dude.

I’m finishing my projects and not starting another with anything but yummy yarn.

It’s a slippery slope, my friend, a very slippery slope!! Glad to see we’ll be seeing you down here at the bottom in our piles of wool and alpaca! :rofling:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: I hear ya! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Its amazing how great that stuff feels isn’t it? I am dying to finish the poncho that I am working on so that I can get to work with my new yummy yarn!

I am also trying to figure out how to talk my hubby into buying some wool so that I can make a booga bag and then its on to Clogs! :shock:


Now I’m really in trouble. I have a shopping bag at knithappens with 5 (6?) balls of Blue Sky Bulky Hand Dye (half the size and weight of the ones I get now. for 2 bucks…so I need more of it) in Peace Pink that are 14.50 or so a ball.

I need not another thing to spend money obsessively on…I promise you. I already have a conditioner, candle, incense/holder, and essential oil fetish that requires plenty of funding. :shock:

At least I get something I can KEEP out of this tho. Cept the expensive yarn is for a dear, dear friend - who while she is very dear, is still not me. whine

Well, I guess I get to keep her, wearing the yarn… :thinking:

Oh dear. I’m still typing aren’t I?