Darn Moths

Started a sweater for myself last Spring, started sewing it together this past weekend and discovered that the moths had their way with all but the last sleeve I was working on. They made bloody Swiss cheese out of it. I always protect my woolens but it slipped my mind that they would hit a work in progress. I was really a nice piece too. What a bummer. Of course you know, this means war and there will be payback!!! The irony here is that I always used to laugh at my father for putting moth balls with all of his wool sweaters socks and stinking them up. I always thought he was paranoid or had some irrational grudge against some bug I’ve never even clapped eyes on. I guess he’s having a good laugh now!

:doh:Oh no!!


Sorry that happened!

So sorry!! :frowning: That really stinks!

Thanks! I guess worse things could happen. Think I’ll make a couple of pairs of socks for my kids until the disappointment passes.

And my husband wonders why I’m not so enraptured with the huge moths we have around here.

Any of my woolens I typically take to my mother’s to put in her cedar closet. She grumbles a bit that I am taking up her space, but I don’t want my precious woolens eaten. Death to moths!

belphoebe - i just have to tell you that your avatar is sooooooooo adorable! lol

Thanks! I can’t recall where I got it, but it definitely fits my moods some days!

We have a huge built in cedar closet in our garage where we keep our winter clothes and comic book collection plus camping gear.

The big moths don’t eat wool–or rather their larva don’t. Wool eating moths are tiny and beige.

We have huge death’s head moths around here. I don’t care what they or their larvae eat, they are spooky little bugs.

Cedar and lavender don’t really do anything to deter moths aside from making the wool harder to find by masking the smell.Only a certain kind of cedar in a tiny closed environment kills them…and then there’s moth balls.Moth balls are basically just a solid ball of pesticide that dissolve into toxic gasses in air.Not exactly the smell you want when trying to look presentable or anything.Not something you really want touching your skin either.

The best thing to do is really just vacuum regularly for eggs and larvae, throw cedar/lavender sachets in everything and keep it all in airtight containers.My entire stash is split up into various ziplock bags by company, weight, and fiber content in a giant cedar chest. REALLY doesn’t like bugs Of course a cat helps too :slight_smile: They’ll eat anything they see moving or flying around for their own entertainment.My old house had giant, black crickets in the yard…and there was no cat T_T

Deathshead moths?!?! Those can’t be good! I usually use lavender scented mothballs and just air everything out in the fall before use. I think I’ll try a couple of cedar sachets in my project bag, although I have a suspicion that these moths came in the skeins I purchased as I noticed some unusual cuts in the wool as I used the yarn. Live and learn. Next time I notice any suspicious activity I’ll just pack all the wool into a mothball laced container.

Just out of curiosity, has anyone else ever had this happen to a work in progress?

I had planted lavender outside, not knowing it was like catnip for dogs… needless to say, they did not survive long amongst our three mutts.

My husband says that deaths head moths are not common in our area, so he thinks someone got some, somewhere and they got loose and multiplied. I haven’t seen any this year, just the smaller brown ones that seem to thrive everywhere.

I think I’ll get some of those bags to store my linens and knitted stuff so they are even harder to scent. Last night I found a long “tear” in one of my husband’s sweaters… I pray it wasn’t moths since it was on a shelf in our closet.

My worst nightmare! Most of my yarns “are on the menu” at the local moth cafe! :roflhard: But really, I keep all of my yarns in zippered bags…but I should really do the same with all of my handknits. :pout:

D: Artlady!!

Stupid moths :frowning: You have a pretty sweet display too.Just wouldn’t look as cuddly with a layer of plastic over it.