Darn! extra stitch!

I’m sure this problem has been posted a million times, but I hope you can help me.

I’m a new knitter and have just noticed that I must’ve forgotten to throw my yarn during a knit or purl (not sure). So, now I have 13 instead of 12 stitches and I’m not sure how to fix it. Can I fix it through directions, or do I have to watch someone do it (basically - is it really hard or not so hard?)

Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.

Hi Katie!
When I first started knitting, I had the same problem. I would suggest knitting 2 together, and that will take it back to 12 stitches, or frog it until you get back to 12 stitches and pick them back up. Hope this helps! :smiley:

if you only have one extra stitch you can just knit two together and go along the way. check out the help forum there is a discussion on there too about avoiding this stitch.

you can also check the videos if you need help with knitting two together! look in the decrease section! :thumbsup:

Might also have something to do with the last stitch…sometimes the stitch from the previous row stretches up and over the needles and LOOKS like two stitches, but isnt. I’m sure I saw this on one of Amy’s videos where she shows it, but I can’t remember which one. So, you might’ve added it by knitting into the one previous row’s stitch two times (once with each strand). Sorry if this isn’t that clear, but I agree with the others - if it’s only one stitch, just decrease one and you’ll be back where you need to be with hardly a glitch.

You guys are the bestest! I thought that it would mess up the whole scarf if I put two together. Thanks!

I’d rather deal with an extra stitch, than a lost one!!