"Darling Vs. Oh My!" Yarn Sub Question

Since I am a math goof, and still really learning to be confident in the substitution area… :shrug:
How would you exprienced knitters view
Wendy’s “Darling” which is 122 yds per ball, gauge 4 stitches per inch on US6
Reynolds “Oh My!” which is 82 yds per ball, guage 3 3/4 stitches per inch on US10?
The former is considered “light worsted” and the latter is "chunky"
I have touched both but not together to be able to see the difference first hand, but I really don’t think the Oh My! was as chunky as it seems. I have seen eyelash yarn considered “chunky” just because it has long lashes on a thin cord.
I had ordered the “Darling” with a pattern last spring for a baby bunting type outfit and frankly, the “lemon” color looks more like a dirty cream. I saw this new “Oh My” this past weekend and resisted buying until I am sure of how much I need. Granted the yardage is different, but I am more concerned about gauge - they’re both kinda fuzzy so for me it’s hard to judge on a swatch…KWIM?
Thanks in advance for any advice!

Well, my first clue is looking at the needle size. It doesn’t seem that the gauge listed is all that different at first glance, but one is on a size 6 and one is on a size 10. That is a big difference. So you could probably get the right gauge with either yarn BUT what kind of fabric is it going to produce??? One or the other might form too tight or too loose a fabric for the type of yarn that it is. For that, you would need to swatch both yarns.

I guess I’m a bit (okay, A LOT) wary because of my experience of trying to knit Starsky with a worsted weight yarn when it called for a chunky yarn. It was a nightmare. :wall: Did I finish it? No.:doh:

So, if at all possible, get some of each yarn and swatch it out before deciding.